Distilleries №3 & №4

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In order to meet the increased demand for quality Bulgarian Organic Rose and Lavender oils, in 2005 we built our new and modern Organic state-of-the art distillery in a facility which was initially designed as a twin mirror building.  

Opposite to our Organic distillery, we built its mirror counterpart in 2008. This is our fourth distillery designated for production of our Natural Rose and Lavender essential oils and floral waters.

Our Organic production is clearly separated from our Natural production. The twin distilleries are completely independent, each comprised of 3 stainless steel stills with capacity of 5.5 cubic meters each as well as each distillery having its own separate Cohobation column.

Additional two mobile stainless steel stills with capacity of 5.5 cubic meters each plus separate cohobation column are ready to be put in use during peak moments of harvest.

All distilleries are running on natural gas while the production process is operating under the supervision of a fully automated control system by Schneider Electric®.

The distilleries are equipped with their own packaging facilities corresponding to pharmaceutical industry standards. An automatic system for packaging guarantees and optimizes the packaging time and overall production process.  

In this facility we built our own microbiological laboratory where we take samples and perform numerous microbiological tests during and after production in order to make sure that our products conform to the hygienic and sterility requirements.


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