Distillery № 1

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We have four own distilleries for the production of our Rose oils, Lavender oils and floral waters. All of our distilleries are located in the village of Tarnichene, situated in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose valley.

All distilleries have installed automatic control systems enabling us to exert a more strict conduct of the technological process, eliminate the subjective human error factor, improve production yields as well as perform better quality control.

We have transferred to the use of natural gas. This allows for a higher cost efficiency and reduces the air pollution. The system is suited to work with alternative fuel sources which secures the continuity of the production process and provides us with diversification of the energy sources.

An automatic system for packaging guarantees faster bulk packaging of our Rose waters with minimum human intervention. We have integrated such packaging facilities in our conventional as well as our Organic distilleries. They meet the highest requirement standard for pharmaceutical and food industry thus increasing the level of protection from microbiological contamination and guaranteeing sterility.

Distillery 1- our original distillery was built in 1909 by Enio Bonchev. In order to obtain today’s top quality, the distillery has been renovated while the original copper stills and coolers, as well as the traditional technology of direct fire - water distillation have been preserved. As a result, our Rose water is a very stable, food- grade product which has a long shelf life and an exceptional natural flower aroma.


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