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We have approx. 160 hectares of own rose and lavender fields which are located in the village of Tarnichene, at the foothills of the Balkan Old mountain, at approximate altitude of 500 meters. They are well maintained using Organic methods of agriculture while the raw materials (Organic rose and lavender flowers) are used for the production of our certified Organic Rose oils, Organic Lavender oil and Organic floral waters.

To produce premium quality one needs to plant the proper sorts of plants. Enio Bonchev is certified producer growing only highest quality, traditional sorts of rose and lavender cuttings. Constantly developing and improving, we are maintaining our existing fields according to the highest agronomic standards which include periodical replanting and rejuvenation.

Water is very important for any plant. We have built a state-of-the-art water irrigation system which encompasses our entire Organic Rose plantation - an area of approx. 60 hectares. Through a 4.5 km pipeline we bring water from a natural underground water lake under our Organic distillery all the way to our fields thus guaranteeing the proper growth of our rose plants.

Together with water, rose and lavender plants need "food". We produce our own Organic fertilizer, mixture of the leftovers of the distilled lavender and rose flowers which together with cow manure coming from selected small Organic farms.


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