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Fair trade and sustainability are key elements to our work and philosophy. We pay special attention to our partnership with rose pickers, workers, farmers and raw materials suppliers at regional and national level who receive fair prices for their work and efforts.

We support all minority groups and individuals with low social status for whom it is difficult to socially integrate and be accepted in the community. Here is just a short list of some of our initiatives:

-  We arrange and deliver full truck loads with food for Christmas and Easter for all people who have worked for us during rose and lavender campaign

-  Enio Bonchev is a proud sponsor of Tarnichene youth soccer team

-  Grain exchange program- this program is intended not only for the Romi people but also for the rest of our workers, farmers and suppliers who take care of animals apart from their rose farming. They are in need of grain in order to feed their animals. It is difficult for them to find good quality at reasonable price so we negotiate on their behalf better rates for higher volumes

-  We provide our pickers with raincoats and hot tea for rainy workdays as well as distribute food for lunch during harvest season

-  We provide interest free cash advances to our farmers during the entire year as well as supply them with quality agricultiral preparations needed for the maintenance and protection of their fields

-  "FAIR FOR LIFE" - we are now in the process of Fair for Life certification by IMO Switzerland - www.fairforlife.org. This is a certification for social accountability and Fair trade. We would like to stand out as a value-creating organization and contribute to the reduction of local unemployment rate as well as aid in increasing the standard of living. With the help of key clients we will create a special fund for the Romi people which would accumulate amounts from each customer’s purchase. This fund will then be distributed evenly and equally throughout the people in different forms - as vouchers, development of community beneficial social projects, help for their children as well as aid for their health problems. There will be a committee assigned to operate with the funds which will consist of our workers and will include representatives of the Romi groups. Members of the committee will decide together where the help will go— renovate a kindergarten or a school, build a computer center or a bathhouse or meet their very simple basic needs for normal food, health, education. We, at Enio Bonchev, are all very excited about this project which we would like to execute in favor of these people.

Even though we are doing much more than anyone else in the region, we would like to constantly find new ways to help and support our local community, including all minority groups. We believe that trust and understanding are the key elements to success in business.


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