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Fair trade and sustainability are key elements to our work and philosophy. We pay special attention to our partnership and cooperation with rose pickers, workers, farmers and raw materials suppliers at regional and national level who receive fair prices for their work and efforts.

Our farmers are part of the family. We provide interest free cash advances during the entire year as well as supply them with quality agricultural preparations needed for the maintenance and protection of their fields.

We proudly support all minority groups and individuals with low social status for whom it is difficult to socially integrate and be accepted in the community, constantly searching to find new ways to help and support our local community. We believe that trust and understanding are the key elements to success in business.

Renovating a local kindergarten/ school, sponsoring the local youth sports team, building a computer center or a bathhouse in the nearby village or meeting the very simple basic needs for normal food, health and education-- these are some examples of our community beneficial social projects.

Enio Bonchev stands out as a value-creating organization, contributing to the reduction of local unemployment rate as well as working hard in increasing the standard of living.


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