2018 Lavender Crop Peport



by Enio Bonchev

August 28, 2018
village of Tarnicheni, Bulgaria

The 2018 harvesting of lavender in Bulgaria is completely finished. In the next paragraphs we lay out our assessment of this year’s crop in general and our production efforts in particular.

The 2018 lavender crop in Bulgaria can be characterized as extremely unfavorable, disastrous would not be a far-fetched portrayal of the situation. Early expectations were for price decrease as there are many newly planted lavender fields in Bulgaria in recent past years which are reaching full yields and thus increasing the total output. Winter conditions were normal and we optimistically felt we will not observe the drying out of serious plant masses as we saw in 2017. However, as it sometimes happens, Mother Nature had a different plan for us this year. Non- stop rain and cold weather for more than a month throughout late June and July made harvesting the lavender plants extremely difficult and even impossible in some areas. The weather conditions were truly severe and absolutely unusual for this time of year. This led to disastrous field and extremely low production yields and ultimately to record- high prices while total volume of produced Lavender oil in Bulgaria is less than last year. The outcome is increased demand which cannot be met by the shorter supply combined with substantially higher prices for the 2018 crop Bulgarian Lavender oil.

We, at Enio Bonchev, rely on our long experience and rigorous quality control of the lavender sorts. We employ great vigilance in the agricultural practices at our fields and the fields of our suppliers. Our distilleries are finely tuned and run on automated processes. All of these enabled us to distill a high quality Lavender oil both in terms of GC profile as well as aroma. Striving to be a reliable partner, we value our clients who share our vision about integrity and sustainability of relationships. Our focus is on providing the best possible service to those clients.

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