2021 Lavender crop report


August 24, 2021

village of Tarnicheni, Central Bulgaria

This year's lavender crop in Bulgaria cannot be characterized as favorable. The main reason are the low field and production/ factory yields caused by the rainy spring and early summer months (April- June) combined with very little sunshine. Temperatures in that period were also lower than usual, weather was cool. There was a lot of humidity, the plants developed well and looked healthy but when distilled, the oil was missing.

Despite the unfavourable climate conditions, Bulgaria's lavender production remains stable. We, at Enio Bonchev, are proud to keep the top grade quality as our Lavender oils,  Organic and Natural, are produced from our own gardens combined with expanding fields of selected trusted farmers, all planted with the old traditional Bulgarian sorts of Lavandula Angustifolia. Strict control of the lavender sorts and incoming material together with prompt adherence to the good agricultural and manufacturing practices enable us to distill and offer a premium quality Lavender oil, both in terms of GC profile as well as aroma.


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