2022 rose crop report

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June 17, 2022

village of Tarnicheni, Rose Valley


2022 rose harvest will be remembered with the intensive, but short, production period of approx. 20- 25 days compared to a normal 40-45 day campaign. Average daily temperatures were higher than usual throughout the entire crop. As a result, the rose flowers in all regions in the valley blossomed rapidly and simultaneously, placing the distilleries under serious pressure and causing lower factory yields.

The last two harvests farmers were working on the brink of bankruptcy and selling their rose flowers at cost, totally demotivating them to maintain their fields. The lack of proper care of the plantations in the past couple of years affected this year’s field yields.

Early spring signs of post- Covid international markets recovery gave a serious push to the price of the rose flowers for 2022 harvest. Together with flowers’ price, fuel, fertilizers, all materials and labor costs increased. On top of that, the socio-economic circumstances related to the war in Europe put additional stress on farmers and producers. This all led to a drastically higher production cost.

A few words about Organic. Organic rose production on an industrial scale is very difficult to grow and maintain. We benefit from the landscape in which our plantations are situated— a protected area, surrounded by mountains and forests. At the same time, field yields are more susceptible to the weather conditions, pests and various diseases. We spend a lot of time and invest our energy and resources to guarantee the quality of our organic production by carefully maintaining our own company organic fields as well as those of selected trusted organic farmers. As a result, the production cost and price for growing genuine organic roses and obtaining true Organic Rose oil and water remain high.

Sourcing with respect to people and biodiversity is part of our DNA. We have been recently awarded Gold medal by Ecovadis on Sustainability and on our way of becoming member of UEBT, verifying and certifying our operation. Enio Bonchev has always had a vision about nurturing relationships. It is very important to achieve and sustain a balance in the entire supply chain where everyone down the line must receive a fair return on their effort– from the picker, through the farmer and producer to the end consumer. We are also farmers and are well familiar with all the challenges every Bulgarian rose producer faces today. We have a responsibility and obligation to our long-term suppliers to pay a fair market price in accordance with their production cost as we believe that the only way to work is to aim for sustainability along the supply chain, creating a sense of community in our farmers and pickers.

At last, but not least, the quality of our 2022 rose oils and floral waters is excellent - very nice and rich aroma with balanced components.



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