2023 Rose crop report


June 26, 2023

village of Tarnicheni, Rose Valley


We are in the last days of June and rose harvesting still continues in some areas. Due to the unusually cold and humid weather in late April and throughout May we had a very slow start, production not picking- up until last days of May. Contrary to 2022 crop which lasted only 25 days, we are witnessing this year one of the longest harvests in Bulgaria for the past 30 years.

Field yields today very much depend on the capacity of the farmers to timely organize the picking process which is still done by hand only. Same goes for the factory yields- producers who have established based trust relationships with farmers can better motivate, manage and control the delivery of fresh rose flowers on time in order to gain a competitive edge.

Cost of fuel and fertilizers is down, nearly at pre-war levels. At the same time, however, price of rose flowers is approx. 30% higher compared to 2022 crop and double to 2021 crop. It is finally believed to have reached a fair level where both pickers and farmers can start making long-term plans, not just trying to survive.

Note on Quality! PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) Certificate and special mark is a guarantee of true authentic quality for 100% pure and Natural Bulgarian Rose oil. Only products with such certificate and mark can be labeled as “Bulgarian Rose oil”. Always ask your supplier to provide PGI certificate of conformity before you make a purchase.

In the Rose Supply Chain, Sustainability plays a key role. The lack of care and concern for the wellbeing of the most vulnerable groups creates instability for the entire supply chain. Business and people go hand in hand together and we need to carefully nurture our relationships. Today everyone claims that Sustainability is part of his/ hers DNA, but how much is just “story telling”?

Enio Bonchev is a member of UEBT and EcoVadis Gold medalist. We are passionate in our work, promoting a world in which all people and biodiversity thrive. To learn about our commitments and philosophy, on-going work and future projects, please, contact us.


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