Bulgaria Professional Study Tour 2019


For the second consecutive year, we are organising a professional Study Tour for essential oil processing in BULGARIA.

The 2019 tour will take place between May 26th and May 31st.

Our tour is focused on rose and lavender essential oils production cycles, specifically for the benefit of our industry professionals.

Bulgaria is a hidden jewel and has so much to show in the essential oils sector! 

In 2018 we brought people from 12 different countries to visit the famous Bulgaria rose valley in the peak of rose production. 

The event turned into a great success.

The tour is supported by the main essential oil producers in Bulgaria with whom we have very close contact and good relationship. 

We visit the key players and you get information directly from the source, talking to the owners of the factories, visiting plantations, meeting farmers and pickers, while staying at the best hotels Bulgaria can offer and enjoying traditional homemade local country cuisine.

And all this in the company of other knowledgeable industry professionals from a variety of countries!


To learn more and BOOK, please, visit the dedicated web page of the Tour:



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