Bulgarian Rose Damascena oil

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Minimum order: 0.250 kg

Packaging options: Rose oils are packed in “Tournaire” aluminum bottles with sizes 0.1 kg/ 0.250 kg/ 0.5 kg/ 1 kg/ 2 kg/ 5 kg


Supporting documents: MSDS, COA, Specification sheet

Our Bulgarian Rose Damascena oil is undisputedly recognized as the best in the world. It is a 100% Natural product obtained by water-steam distillation of the flowers of the oil-bearing rose (Rosa damascena P. Miller). Approximately 3000-3500 kg rose flowers are needed to obtain 1 kg of the precious golden liquid. We strictly control the quality of all incoming rose flowers as well as the produced Rose oil, performing regular pesticides residues and Gas- Chromatography analysis.

Our Bulgarian Rose oil contains over 300 components with main constituents such as Citronellol, Geraniol, Nerol and paraffins. It has a typical strong rose scent and is used worldwide not only in perfumery and cosmetics but also in aromatherapy, pharmacy and food industry.


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