Rose & Lavender Cuttings


Minimum order: 5,000 pieces rose cuttings/ 50 000 pieces lavender cuttings

We are a certified producer since 2005 of highest quality Bulgarian Rose Damascena cuttings. The rose material needed for the production of our rose cuttings is obtained from our own rose fields under strict quality control. We have created 4 greenhouses for the production of Rose Damascena cuttings where we produce over 300 000 pieces annually, most of which we supply to our farmers in order to enable them to grow their fields. We have a loyalty scheme through which we provide them with the cuttings as interest free advances, which later on during harvest the farmers reimburse with rose flowers. This way our farmers are able to earn additional income, while we are guaranteed with enough supply of rose and lavender flowers (in addition to our own lands) for our production of conventional and Organic Rose and Lavender essential oils and floral waters.

We are certified producer of highest quality, traditional Bulgarian sorts of Lavandula Angustifolia cuttings with dedicated area of 1 hectare for the production of our Lavender cuttings. We produce over 1 000 000 pieces which we use to increase/renew our own fields as well as distribute to our suppliers using the same loyalty scheme as with rose cuttings.


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