Bulgarian Organic Rose Alba oil

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Minimum order: 100ml

Packaging options:  Rose oils are packed in “Tournaire” aluminum bottles with sizes 0.1 kg/ 0.250 kg/ 0.5 kg/ 1 kg /2 kg/ 5 kg


Supporting Documents: SDS, COA, Specification sheet, Organic certificate

Our 100% pure Organic Rose Alba Oil is produced from the precious and beautiful Rose Alba L. flowers located in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose valley. The central location of our fields where roses traditionally grow for over 300 years combined with the unique favorable climate and soil conditions contribute for the incomparable quality of our Organic Rose Alba oil.

Every year, when the first rose blossoms begin to bloom (middle of May) over 300 pickers carefully hand-pick each and every rose flower at our Organic fields. Collection begins at sunrise when the oil yield is at its highest, and is completed before noon while the dew is still on the flowers. The picked flowers are placed into sacks and immediately transported to our nearby Organic distillery where they are distilled by the end of the day.

The aroma of the Alba flowers, and respectively oil, is considered to be more gentle and feminine compared to the Damascena.


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