Bulgarian Organic Rose Damascena Water


Minimum Order: 1 barrel= 210 kg

Packaging options: Floral waters are packed in 210 kg polyethylene, food- grade barrels or 1 ton IBC containers


Supporting documents: SDS, COA, Specification sheet, Organic certificate

We produce our Bulgarian Organic Rose Damascene water in our Organic distillery using only flowers from our certified Organic rose fields. Our Organic Rose water is a 100% pure and Natural product manufactured by double distillation (cohobation) of the oil-bearing rose (Rosa damascena P. Miller).

It is a food-grade product which does not contain any additives, preservatives or synthetic substances. Characterized by high content of essential oil, the strong and intensive flowery scent makes it a unique and distinguishable product, very much appreciated and enjoyed by our cosmetic and aromatherapy customers in Europe, USA and Asia.



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